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Signage label printer CF-6030

选用喷头:赛尔XAAR 1201







打印软件 Photo print

墨水类型 LED环保UV墨水

墨水颜色 CMYK+W+光油





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  • 01Free combination of printing solutions
    In order to show high visual artistic effects and unique relief three-dimensional effects, in addition to CMYK + LC + LM                                  In addition, it also provides double white channels and varnish channels.
  • 02White color double negative pressure configuration
    Due to the different viscosities of white and color inks, two sets of negative pressure devices with different pressures are easy to maintain white                                  Smoothness when working at the same time
  • 03Industrial grade servo motor
    3 sets of high-performance Delta servo motors provide the safest control for Y-axis and x-axis motion
  • 04Benchmarking tools for marble platforms
    Set the foundation for the balance of the equipment beam
  • 05Circuit box circuit layout
    Rigorous and detailed circuit layout and use of brand MW power box
  • 06Fine workmanship, artisan style
    Fine workmanship, craftsman style
  • 07High toughness routing
    High toughness igus brand towline follows rules
  • 08THK dual rail
    THK dual rail with silver twin screw: Provides a very stable environment for high-precision printing
  • 09U-shaped platform
    Humanized design, convenient for product placement, convenient for real-time viewing of printing effects and equipment operation process, achieving zero scrap rate。
Spring feather UV printer 7 Big advantage function

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