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Chunyu Qiufeng, solve your purchasing problems!

1According to customer needs, print samples and express samples for free.

pre-sale service

2 Explain the performance and parameters of the product equipment, so that customers can clearly understand what kind of machine they bought, what kind of products they can make, and how their performance is

3Recommend the most suitable model according to different industries, assist in determining the best system configuration and model, and provide the best printing solution

4Can visit the site for free and provide professional site layout recommendations

5Provide customers with cost-effective consumables and accessories solutions to ensure customer product competitiveness.

Mid sales services Ordered the machine, I do n’t know how

Chunyu Qiufeng, your intimate housekeeper!

Sale service
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    Provide machine instruction manuals to assist customers to install the correct computer configuration to ensure that the machine can run quickly and stably under a large amount of data

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    One-on-one, hands-on training, providing all the materials needed for proofing during training. Ensure that operators are proficient in operating, maintaining and using printing techniques

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    Assist in determining electrical safety and other deployment requirements

  • /  04

    Assist in determining site environment requirements, installation of ventilation equipment

  • /  05

    Assist in confirming the departure date and the entrance standard of the venue to ensure the smooth entry of the machine

After sales service

One year free warranty without any onsite service fee. Lifetime maintenance!

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Chunyu Qiufeng provides free proofing service for you, so that you can see the printing effect of your product more intuitively.
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